Growing up in the Back of the Yards, made me want to leave the Back of the Yards. If you wanted any form of culture, you took the bus downtown. If you wanted to go anywhere with trees and flowers, you took the bus or walked a long distance. If you wanted to see a baseball game, you took the bus.
If you wanted impressive, ornate Catholic Churches, you just had to look around. If you wanted a shot and a beer, just look down your block.
If you wanted to be surrounded by strong, hard working people clinging to their way of life, look around.
After being away for so many years, I return. The roots run deep. So I find I am bound to Chicago and this neighborhood, regardless of where I live. Those people who surrounded me, those mostly poorly educated, unsophisticated people, who were my grandparents, uncles, aunts and neighbors ended up inspiring me. So many were bound for Chicago for a life that they couldn’t have imagined. The courage of these people amazes me.
This is Chicago Bound. This is me.