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   Extradition, the latest in the Kate Harrison series is out

Extradition takes place after the killer from Damaged Souls is arrested in Phoenix. Since the crime took place in Illinois, the prisoner must be brought back here for the trial. What should be a standard extradition turns into a nightmare, not only for Kate, but for Paul and others. I also moved the storyline along of Kate and Paul. If you read The Reason, you know that they are married by then. And her last name is Harrison.
I find it’s tricky to write a romance. It has to be believable and applicable in this day and age. But I think the intensity of their feelings rings true.
The book is available on Amazon for $16.99.
$16.00 if you purchase it directly from me. For a limited time and for U.S. readers there will not be a charge for shipping and handling.
I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I get a quite a few visitors to this site and I always wonder who they are. I actually had 10 hits from Canada and 1 from Germany. How did they find me??? I end up asking my computer “Who are you?”
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A Great Review from Golfwell.net out of New Zealand ,of all places!
Five Stars:

I enjoyed reading The Reason by Sandra M. Colbert a fast-paced romantic drama which was a pleasure to read.  The author has an interesting style with very interesting dialog that keeps you fascinated and gives insight into believable characters as this dramatic page-turner develops. Lots of emotion and drama. A moving story by a very talented writer who writes very well above the mainstream!

The Reason is the first in the Kate Harrison series.  The review will be on the Goodreads website, Barnes and Noble and Booktopia.com. I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s a thrill for any author to get good reviews. A review like this is keeps me going!


And please check out the other reviews for Damaged Souls  and The Reason at the bottom of this page. It made me one happy author!!!



Kate’s deepest fears were realized.

She had no choice. It was time. Time to return to Phoenix

and face the demons that drove her away.

Time hadn’t eased the pain or erased the memories.

…….and the killer was still out there.

Damaged Souls is the prequel to The Reason. Some of the questions from The Reason are answered, such as:

  – How did Kate and Paul meet?  It was not pleasant.

  – Why did Kate leave Phoenix and the police force? A lot of reasons, none of them good.

 – And just who is this Terrance guy? More details on who he is and their relationship.

The book is available on Amazon. So you can order from Amazon or for an autographed copy – directly from me. Email me at sandycbound@gmail.com for a copy. The price is $16.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling.

This was a more involved book to write and at times more difficult, but I am proud of it. I hope everyone enjoys it.

And remember, if you enjoy, and I hope that you will, please tell others.  Also, a review on Amazon goes a long way. Good reviews really do help generate sales. It’s greatly appreciated by this  author and other authors, as well.



“The guys working on the new fence just found a body.”

Home improvement just took an unexpected twist for Kate Harrison and her family. Nothing in her experience as a Private Investigator prepared her for the journey that she was about to take. She needed her home back. She needed her life back. But when the truth is discovered, will it forever taint her home and her life?

What demons are released when memories unfold?

Thus begins the first in the Kate Harrison Detective series.

It is the beginning of a series featuring Kate Harrison, a Private Investigator. It’s also the story of the love between the two main characters, Kate and her husband, Paul Harrison, a detective on the police force in a county north of Chicago. Two people who have had their share of tragedy and heartache. They found the love that eases the nightmares and soothes the pain of their damaged souls.

I just got my first review on The Reason!! and it was a great one! I’m very excited about it.  See below or go to the website for Chicago Writers Association, click on Windy City Reviews and there it is! Nothing makes an author feel like a good author then a good review.




All of my books are available on Amazon. The Reason is also available at Barnes & Noble and Goodreads.

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Review of Damaged Souls

Damaged Souls. Sandra M. Colbert. Chicago: Windy City Publishers, October 11, 2017,

Trade Paperback, 225 pages.

Reviewed by David Steven Rappoport.

Ultimately, there are two kinds of detective novels: compelling and complacent.

Damaged Souls by Sandra M. Colbert is a heart-pounder. This story of a horrible crime

and its impact is a highly enjoyable read. It will keep you on the beach compulsively

turning the pages long past the protection of your SPF lotion.

Damaged Souls is the second novel in the Kate Harrison detective series, and it is far

better crafted than the first. After many years on the Phoenix police force, Kate is

haunted by a particularly dark crime, the murder of an infant, and as a result has left her

job. She has relocated to the northern Illinois town of Harley, where she is on a Chicago

commuter train when a man is discreetly murdered. Although she doesn’t know the

victim, he knows her; in fact, he’s left multiple messages on her cell phone. Thus, the

murders begin in this gnarled tale of a crime wrongly then correctly solved. It is the sort

of depraved saga that even a Jacobean theatergoer would appreciate—pitiless revenge,

drug-induced insanity, pervasive corruption, sexual enslavement, and desperate fear,

among other tragic delights—and the emotional slashes that result from all these that

cannot be forgotten or removed. No one in this novel has been spared a damaged soul.

Colbert is on her way to mastering the crime genre. The prose is lean and driven, the plot

is forceful, and transitions in time and place are handled with ease. The characters are

well-delineated and distinct. There is, perhaps, one formal element of the book that might

trouble the purist. That is the resolution of a romantic subplot, which, though written

convincingly, continues long past the resolution of the crime. But this is a relatively

minor matter and may even be enjoyable for the reader who reads crime fiction for

character as much as plot.

Damaged Souls is a deliciously dark crime novel that any reader who enjoys this genre

will savor. I look forward to the next book in the series—and the one after that.


  1. Reviewed by David Steven Rappoport. The Reason by Sandra M. Colbert is a compelling page-turner about a heinous murder. From the beginning, there is little doubt who committed the crime. The suspense that drives the book is not whodunit but why they done it. As such, although the book is built on some of the elements of the detective novel, The Reason is not a conventional mystery. It reads more like a true crime narrative even though the crime is fictional. The psychology of the murderer is fascinating, and the crime is sufficiently vile that it is difficult to imagine a motive. Building on these elements deftly, Colbert drives the reader onward in fascination. While putting in a new fence in their garden, private investigator Kate Harrison and her police officer husband Paul discover a human skeleton. Pursuing the available clues, Kate and the police quickly identify the body and notify the next of kin. It is apparent from the beginning that this relative is involved in the crime. Yet, the circumstances of the crime are initially vague and as the clues emerge, they are increasingly hateful. Colbert eventually leads us to an explanation of what occurred and why, with the requisite twists and turns that a reader expects in this kind of novel. Sandra M. Colbert writes crime fiction well. Her prose is lean but effective, her characters are engaging, and the situations she creates are always interesting. Perhaps the revelation at the end is a bit too long, and it is difficult to understand why this particular villain is forthcoming with a confession at the end but had not been earlier. Also, the devoted mystery reader may hope that in future Kate Harrison books, the author reverts to a more traditional mystery structure: multiple plausible suspects and a knock-out surprise at the end when the murderer is revealed. These are minor concerns in the midst of a compelling read. Sandra M. Colbert keeps the reader fascinated—essential in this genre. I recommend this book to those who enjoy mystery novels and look forward to reading future Kate Harrison mysteries. Leave a reply